Utilizing the Communication Loop

October 12, 2011 by Crescerance

How has communication changed with the advent of the internet? While communication certainly seems easier than it used to be, it is not necessarily more effective. The internet can cause a break in one of the most important aspects of communication: the communication loop.

The communication loop is an easy concept to understand. One person initiates communication, the other receives it, acknowledges it, and responds to it. In face-to-face communication this can be done with non-verbal cues, over the phone it can be done with a simple “mm-hmm,” but over the internet it is easy for this loop to be broken. When utilizing online tools, it is important to keep this communication loop intact, and here is how to do it:

Utilizing the Communication Loop During Event Registration

Online event registration is one place where a communication loop can be utilized to make the entire process more efficient. There are several different places in the registration process where if communication breaks down it can cause major problems for the event organizer.

The first instance is an external communication loop when the registrant signs up to attend the event. The initial communication is send out, the invitation to register in this case, and it is received by the registrant. They come to the website and register, at which point they should receive confirmation of their registration. This step is important to keep the loop intact, it is the acknowledgement of their communication as well as a response to it.

The next step is an internal communication loop. This is the loop that is created between your staff. Is everyone associated with the event being informed? When someone registers and pays for an event there is often a group of people that need to know about it. The speaker and the coordinator both need to know who is attending the event, while the accountant needs to know who has paid for the event. Each person inside the loop needs to know what is relevant to their part. Make sure your communication system can accommodate these tasks.

The Communication Loop in Lobbying Systems

Great communication can make for a great grassroots movement. When we utilize the idea of communication loops for lobbying we enhance the communication process, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the movement.

Capitol Impact’s Grassroots Lobbying System, for example, enables the communication loop through the use of a few different features. Using the Bill Tracker, lobbyists can watch legislation and send emails to supporters. After viewing the bills supporters can comment on the bill, completing the communication loop. When a lobbyist can read comments about the bills it enables them to get a better idea of where their supporters stand, as well as keeping the supporters informed and active in the movement.