The Benefits of a Single Page Registration Form

December 2, 2011 by Crescerance

When searching for an event registration system, event coordinators look at a variety of features. Is there a limit to the number of registrations that the system can handle? What kind of back end management and reporting tools are included and can I get the data out in the formats that I need to manage the event? Can the system be adapted to the way we need to collect data? It is pretty safe to say that most event management systems can do the basic job of signing people in, but different vendors have differing workflows. Some vendors use a multi-page “path system” of registration, while others utilize a “single-page” system. Here are a few of the benefits to utilizing a “single page” registration form

A single page registration form allows for registrants to enter their information all on a single page. The benefits include:

  • Your audience is able to see all the options in one place, which is what they are used to seeing on a paper form. Many event coordinators often use paper registration along with online registration, and it is helpful to have the two similar formats. Additionally, people who like to print and mail in the forms can still do so with the single page form.
  • This single page process allows registrants to review their entries as they submit the form..
  • The single page process can make multi-person registration much easier. The system can allow one person to register multiple people using a single form by duplicating it for each person. This saves the registrant time when signing people up and while the event manager stills ends up with one registration per person.
  • A single page form can be turned into an invoice, using the exact same format that was used to sign up. This creates a more familiar looking invoice because it duplicates what registrants used to sign up.
  • The design process of the form can be easier and made more attractive. Single page forms typically allow for graphics and text to make the visual experience more appealing.

When deciding on an event registration system, make sure to think about the process that will best suit your organization. Would your registrants be better suited with a single page process or a path process? One system’s process may be more useful to you than others.

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