2 Types of Grassroots Campaigns That Will Have A Big Impact On Legislators

December 8, 2011

When asked to run a campaign in support of an issue, an advocacy manager must determine what type of campaign to run. While most people may think that all campaigns…

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3 Reasons Lobbyists Should Have a Legislative Tracking System

November 16, 2011

Legislative tracking software has become a vital tool for lobbyists. Most states publish thousands of bills each legislative period, and sifting through them to determine what is important is a…

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Sign up for a FREE webinar for United States lobbyists!

Capitol Impact would like to invite you to our next webinar for United States lobbyists about “Best Practices in Advocacy.” We will highlight technology including state legislation tracking software and…

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3 Keys to Running a Successful Grassroots Campaign

November 8, 2011

Many lobbyists tend to believe that successful grassroots movements rely on two key factors, large numbers and loud voices. In theory, a large, well organized group of supporters are able…

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Legislative Tracking: Does One Size Fit All?

October 27, 2011

Capitol Impact has been providing Legislative Tracking software to lobbyists for over a decade, and in our time interacting with them we have come to learn that lobbyists are not…

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Featured Features: Mobile Link

October 19, 2011

Are you utilizing the “Mobile Link” feature in your legislative tracking system? The Mobile Link feature allows you to send a link to your smart phone enabling you to login…

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How Much is Too Much? Tips for Creating Effective Email Updates

October 18, 2011

Recently I attended the Southern Municipal Conference, a meeting of lobbyists from local municipal associations across the southeast. At the conference, Capitol Impact’s CEO Andy Paul gave a presentation on Best…

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Utilizing the Communication Loop

October 12, 2011

How has communication changed with the advent of the internet? While communication certainly seems easier than it used to be, it is not necessarily more effective. The internet can cause…

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Five Things to Consider About Grassroots Lobbying Software

October 10, 2011

Imagine you are a state legislator. It is Monday morning and you arrive at your office, sit behind your desk, and open your email account. There are 5,000 unread messages….

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