Legislative Tracking

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November 12, 2012

Our New Legislative Tracking eBook Improve Your Legislative Review Process A Look at the Job of Tracking and Monitoring Legislation Whether you are monitoring legislation for a state agency or…

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Does Your Legislative Tracking System Handle Amendments Correctly?

August 29, 2012

Recently, we talked to a prospective client about the process that legislation must go through to be signed into law. Each state handles changes to bills differently throughout the amendment…

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A Capitol Impact Interview: Legislative Tracking and Grassroots Advocacy Technology

July 2, 2012

We sat down with Andy Paul, the CEO of Captiol Impact, to discuss Legislative Tracking and Grassroots Advocacy technology. Watch the video to learn how this type of technology can…

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Announcing Two NEW Capitol Impact Webinars

May 10, 2012

Capitol Impact is hosting two all new webinars on Thursday May 17th, 2012. Capitol Impact would like to invite you to our two new webinars on Thursday May 17th. In…

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Why Should You Invest In Your Government Affairs Staff?

April 25, 2012

In working with many government affairs groups from universities, law firms, associations, and state and local government we have noticed is that the lobbyist’s day to day tasks are not…

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Two Features State Agencies Need In Their Lobbying Software

December 20, 2011

State agency and local government legislative liaisons are a different breed of lobbyist that require a different suite of tools from their professional lobbyist counterparts. Government based legislative liaisons have…

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4 Ways State's Free Legislation Tools Fall Short

December 16, 2011

Every state legislative session results in the publishing of thousands of bills which are made available online through each state’s legislative tracking environment. Each day, your state site publishes bills…

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3 Ways to Implement Online Tools in a Grassroots Campaign

November 29, 2011

Recently, a discussion on LinkedIn made me think about online grassroots campaigns. The author of the discussion asked “How much should one focus on an online campaign?” While it may…

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3 Reasons Lobbyists Should Have a Legislative Tracking System

November 16, 2011

Legislative tracking software has become a vital tool for lobbyists. Most states publish thousands of bills each legislative period, and sifting through them to determine what is important is a…

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Capitol Impact would like to invite you to our next webinar for United States lobbyists about “Best Practices in Advocacy.” We will highlight technology including state legislation tracking software and…

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