Use All the Tools in Your Advocacy Toolbox

June 19, 2012

Advocacy managers need to have an arsenal of tools and tactics at their disposal. A grassroots email campaign can be an effective way to get your legislator’s attention on certain…

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Grassroots Advocacy Is Not a One Shot Effort

June 8, 2012

Technology has made life easier for lobbyists that run grassroots campaigns. With advocacy tools, its easy to gather large lists of advocate’s email addresses that you can mobilize and call…

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Announcing Two NEW Capitol Impact Webinars

May 10, 2012

Capitol Impact is hosting two all new webinars on Thursday May 17th, 2012. Capitol Impact would like to invite you to our two new webinars on Thursday May 17th. In…

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Why Should You Invest In Your Government Affairs Staff?

April 25, 2012

In working with many government affairs groups from universities, law firms, associations, and state and local government we have noticed is that the lobbyist’s day to day tasks are not…

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Join Us For Our Latest Webinar: Utilizing Grassroots Advocacy For Higher Education

April 24, 2012

Advocacy is a year round effort for most education institutions. Even with the legislative session in full swing it’s necessary for your university to continuously monitor new legislation that may…

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Improve Your Communication, Improve Your Advocacy

February 28, 2012

When new legislation is introduced at the state capitol, organizations start a process to understand the impact of the bill and decide how they will deal with it. Each organization’s…

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The Lobbyist’s Advocacy Conundrum

January 16, 2012

At Capitol Impact, recently we’ve been hearing that state funded universities have been dealing with severe budget cuts. Unfortunately, often times the first expenditure on the chopping block is the…

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3 Ways Your Members Can Help Your Advocacy

December 28, 2011

A grassroots advocacy group lives and dies by its member support. If members are engaged and utilized effectively, the grassroots movement can be a success. Previously, we have discussed member…

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3 Ways to Implement Online Tools in a Grassroots Campaign

November 29, 2011

Recently, a discussion on LinkedIn made me think about online grassroots campaigns. The author of the discussion asked “How much should one focus on an online campaign?” While it may…

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3 Keys to Running a Successful Grassroots Campaign

November 8, 2011

Many lobbyists tend to believe that successful grassroots movements rely on two key factors, large numbers and loud voices. In theory, a large, well organized group of supporters are able…

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