The Best Way to Get Legislators to Attend Your Next Advocacy Event

May 1, 2014

Associations, universities, non-profits or any organization that engage in advocacy often hold meetings of supporters, members, and advocates in order to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda and its impact on…

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Maximize Your Effect on Legislators When Your Organization Rallies at the State Capitol

August 20, 2013

If you have ever been to your state Capitol during the legislative session, you know that it is a busy place. In addition to the legislators, you have the lobbyists…

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Enhance Your Event Strategy: Part 3

April 2, 2013

Learn About Your Organization to Find the Right Fit Part 1 and Part 2 of our Enhance Your Event Strategy series focused more on the backbone of an Online Registration…

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Use Your Online Registration System to Find New Association Members

July 24, 2012

The plight of an association’s membership manager is finding and signing up potential members. You spend your time combing through industry files, looking for prospects, and trying to attract new…

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Use Your Event System to Deal With Complex Registration Rules

June 27, 2012

As event managers, we all have to face the reality that the people who make up the rules for an event are not always on top of how events work….

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Announcing Two NEW Capitol Impact Webinars

May 10, 2012

Capitol Impact is hosting two all new webinars on Thursday May 17th, 2012. Capitol Impact would like to invite you to our two new webinars on Thursday May 17th. In…

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3 Tips for Improving Your Exhibitor Registration Process

May 7, 2012

When registering exhibitors for your event, one problem you may come across is deciding how to issue booths to your exhibitors. Exhibitors usually don’t want to be in a close…

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Make Registering Exhibitors and Sponsors Easy With These 5 Tips

April 16, 2012

When signing up exhibitors or sponsors for events your objective as an event manager is to sell a booth or an event sponsorship. While landing a sponsor or selling a…

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3 Ways to Make Managing Multiple Events Easier

April 4, 2012

While event managers would like to be able to focus on one event at a time, realistically, this is not the case. If your organization holds conferences, meetings, and offers…

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Making Things Easy For Your Attendees May Make Things Harder For You

April 2, 2012

Even with good registration tools, event coordinators find that managing registrations for an event can be a large amount of work. Typically it is not the actual registration process that…

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