Communication Loop

Save Time on Your Weekly Legislative Reports

March 20, 2014

Which one of the three scenarios below describes your work process to create a weekly report on legislative activity? You are the lobbyist for an association and once a week…

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What Should You Expect From a Legislative Tracking System?

June 19, 2013

Many organizations around the country track state and federal legislation during their respective legislative session. If your organization utilizes legislative tracking software to keep up to speed on the latest…

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3 Ways Event Managers Can Make Their Events Better For Attendees

November 21, 2011

Event managers often get caught up in the event planning process. How should we set up the tables? Are these the right centerpieces? What order should our speakers present in?…

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Utilizing the Communication Loop

October 12, 2011

How has communication changed with the advent of the internet? While communication certainly seems easier than it used to be, it is not necessarily more effective. The internet can cause…

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