Featured Feature: Professional System Client View

May 28, 2014 by Crescerance

This week in our Featured Features we are going to highlight a great tool for Professional Lobbying firms that are tracking bills for multiple clients. The Professional Lobbyist version of our Legislative Tracking System enables lobbyists to track bills on behalf of multiple clients. Each client has their own login that they can use to view the bills that are being tracked on their behalf. The client’s lobbyist has the ability to assign a bill directly to their client, leave them private comments, and assign a bill to a client-specific tracking level. Even though the lobbyist is tracking bills on behalf of many clients, each client can only see the information that is pertinent to them, giving them their own private legislative information environment provided by the lobbying firm.


The main difference of this tracking system from a standard legislative tracking system is this ability to manage multiple clients in a single environment while providing each client their own secure view of the system. Through the use of logins and special client access levels the lobbyist can control what each client sees, from the tracking level down to the individual analysis that each client gets from the lobbyist. As a result the lobbyist is seeing the entirety of the system when they log in while clients only see their small piece of the system.

With all the different environments that are available in the system, sometimes it helps for lobbyists to see what the client sees when they log into the system. When a lobbyist pulls up a specific list of bills from a client they are able to click the “Client View” button. The client view gives the lobbyist the ability to see what the client sees when they login. The only see the bills that are being tracked for the client, they see the client specific tracking levels, and they can run an excel export that enables them to download the bill list into Excel.


The Client view is a useful tool for lobbyists to check out what their clients see. If you have the Professional Version of our Legislative Tracking system, log in and check it out. If you don’t have our Professional Tracking System but think it may be a good fit for your lobbying firm, then click here to learn more.