Presentation: IT Owning the Event Registration Solution

October 30, 2012 by Crescerance

Recently, the University System of Georgia held its 41st Annual computing conference, a gathering of the technology personnel from all of the public higher education entities in the state of Georgia. This group selects speakers and topics from amongst the universities to present  and share best practices in technology solutions that are in use today at the various schools.

Capitol Impact has been working with both the University System Board of Regents offices and with Columbus State University for the past several years, as each is a licensee of the Event Impact System. For the 41st conference, our clients were asked to present on the topic of “IT Owning the Event Registration Solution.” In both cases the Board of Regents and Columbus State University manage a great number of events from a variety of departments. By utilizing our Event Impact System, they were able to implement a comprehensive set of tools across the entire organization. The event management tools are now easily distributed across many departments, allowing each user to create and manage events both large and small and to collect credit card payments through their merchant banking system. Columbus State has even been able to extend the use of the system to include things like residence housing deposits by keeping track of who has signed up for housing and communicating with the university systems in a secure manner to insure student information is accurately updated.

Below is a link to the slides used in their presentation for “IT Owning the Event Solution”. One thing we found interesting is that each year the number of event attendees grows and the amount of revenue collected from events grows as well. This is due to the fact that they are able to more easily run events, allowing them to increase the number of events and attendees they are able to have.

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