Improvements to the Registration Look-up Page Means Better Cross Event Reporting Capabilities

September 5, 2014 by Crescerance

Organizations that run multiple events each year often need to create reports that can provide information across a subset of events. Many of our clients run multiple types of events each year as well, from committee meetings to trainings and webinars, and these clients need the ability to filter their event reports by these different event types. After working closely with one of our event system power-users we have created some new tools that will greatly improve your ability to create cross event reports.
Improvements to the Registration Look-up Page
The Registration Look-up page enables you to search across events in the system based on a set of parameters you define with the options on the page. Each field on the registration look-up page enables to to filter the registrants of your events by a specific set of information. The buttons at the bottom of the page determine the type of report you wish to create.

registration lookup page


The reports you can run are:

  • Look-up Registrations: Get a list of all the registrations that match the current filter parameters.
  • Get Summary By Event: Display a summary of all the registrations listed by event.
  • Get Summary By Organization (List Events): Get a summary of all the registrations for each event sorted by the organization name associated with each record.
  • Get Summary By Organization (Combine Events):Get the total number of registrations for all events sorted by the organization name associated with each record.
  • Get Summary Attendance by Person: Get a summary of number of events attended by each person.

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Event Keywords

One of the new features we have added is the ability to create groups of events to ease in cross event reporting. In the Global Administration section of the Event Impact system you can now create Event Keywords to categorize your events. Create as many event groups and keywords as you like, and assign your events to any number of keywords. For example, here are the event keywords in our event system.


event keywords


We run two types of events in this system, Webinars and Downloads (like this Event System Whitepaper!), and we run four types of webinars, Advocacy, Legislation, Events, and Teacher Certification. Now I can assign each of my events to keywords from the Event Setup Page.


Set Event Keywords
event keywords edit


This event is a Webinar about Legislation and it is assigned to the Events – Webinar, and Webinar – Legislation keywords.


registratin lookup event keywords


Now that my events are categorized into groups and keywords, I can use the new Event Keyword Filter on the Registration Look-up page to filter my search to display only registrants from this TYPE of event. For organizations that run many different types of events this will greatly improve your ability to report on multiple events of the same kind.

People Keywords

The Event Impact System comes with a fully-functional contact management system we call the People Database. The people database enables you to organize and report on all of the event attendees in your system. Just as you can create groups and keywords for your events, you can create groups and keywords for your people as well. The newest addition to the Registration Look-up page gives you the ability to use these People keywords to report on your events.


person keyword filter



You are the executive director of a membership organization called ABC Association. ABC Association has both association members and non-members that attend your events, and all of your members are in the People – Members keyword in your People Database. Using the Person Keyword Filter, you can show all of the Members that have attended events within your search parameters. If you combine this filter function with the Event Keyword filter you can even get a list of all the Members that attended your Conferences, Webinars, or Trainings.

Learn More About Event Impact

With the new improvements to the Registration Look-up page, the Event Impact Online Registration and Event Management System give your organization to better organize and manage your events and improves the way you can report on single and multiple events. To learn more about the Event Impact System or to schedule additional training on the Reporting tools in Event Impact, click the Contact Us button at the top of the page.