Featured Features: Multiple Registration Options

October 31, 2011 by Crescerance

Did you know that the Event Impact system allows you to register multiple people for the same event all at once? Not only can it handle multi-person registrations, but Event Impact gives the event coordinator options to handle these scenarios. Sometimes one person must register a number of people at the same time, like an association coordinator or a secretary registering multiple members of an organization for an event. Event Impact lets them do it easily!

Option 1

The first option allows a registrar to register people at once, creating a form that will be duplicated and individualized for each registrant. This option makes a registrar for a large group of people register their whole group at once. When you set up multiple registrations in the event set up, registrants will see this screen on their registration menu.

When registrants click on “Register multiple people for this event” they are taken to this screen.

From here they can choose multiple people from the registration database to register in bulk. If a registrant is not currently in the database, they can add them from this screen as well(The names in red have previously been registered. You may come back as often as needed to register new people and the system will inform you if someone has already registered). Simply click add by each name and click “Register”! Once the people are chosen, and the registrar clicks REGISTER, a single form comes up. The registrar fills in the form once and it is duplicated for each individual, providing a unique registration for each person on the list. Using this approach, the registrar can save time and the host organization can edit or manage the individual registrations since each person will have their own registration after this process.

Option 2

Event Impact’s second option allows a registrar to register multiple people where each form has a different set of responses based on an individual’s preferences. This option works best for conference registration when multiple people from one organization need to register, but are not attending the same aspects of the event. The system will create a registration form for each person, enabling the registrar to specify the registration choices for each individual. In this manner, each attendee can be registered for the specific events they would like to attend. The process starts out the same as before by choosing each person to be registered and clicking the “Register” button, but with this second option each registrant is assigned a section that the registrar can fill out individually.

As you can see below, the registrant can choose which date to attend. This gives the registrar the ability to register multiple people, even if they are not all attending the same event dates or functions.

Multi-person registration is always a challenge because the registrar must accommodate the wished of many people. We strive to make that process simple, because at Capitol Impact, we believe registering for an event should be easy. Make sure your event registration system makes it simple!

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