Featured Features: Add to Calendar

October 21, 2011 by Crescerance

Did you know that the Event Impact system allows your registrants to add your event to their Outlook Calendar? It is a simple step you can do during the Event Setup that will remind your registrants of your events!

To utilize this feature, go to the Event Setup page for your event.

Once you have filled out the event information dates, times, and details, click the “Attendee” button in the “PreRegistration Setup” field.

Under the “Header Settings”, make sure the “Hide Add to Calendar” check box is unchecked. The check box will be unchecked by default. Now when attendees sign up they will have the option to add the event to their Outlook Calendar!

Utilizing the “Add to Calendar” feature in your Event Registration System makes it easy for you and your registrants to be reminded of an event. It is another great tool you can use when you create events in the Capitol Impact Event Impact system!