Enhance Your Event Strategy: Part 2

March 25, 2013 by Crescerance

Event Software Can Be an Integrated Part of Your Business

Part 2 of 3 Continued from Last Week

Have you ever considered what other aspects of your organization may be affected by your event registration. Many other portions of your organization may use your membership database, and if you have an event system that is integrated with your database, the information you collect could be used by more than just your event managers. The membership database is used mostly to manage contact information, but it may be used for email marketing by your marketing staff, grassroots engagement by your advocacy system, donation collection by your fund-raisers, and other aspects of your organization. All these people use the same database that your event system does, have you ever considered that they may be able to use your event system for their work too?

At its core, your event system is a way to enable people to sign up for something and pass along their information to you. Event registration systems come with built in intelligence so you can group people as they register, asking questions such as “is this your first time at one of our events?”, or “how did you hear about this event?” By using the answers, you can segment them into different groups for future use. You can ask questions to find out attendees’ interests as they relate to your organization so that you can inform them of arising political issues that affect your organization.

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With the power of event registration technology you have another point of contact with your audience that can help build your organization. The information you collect such as email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses, can be used for future communications. For example, consider offering an informational online whitepaper about a specific issue or opportunity regarding your organization. Using your Online Registration System, people can sign up, give you their contact information, and get their free copy of your work. You get names of people and organizations that are interested in the topic and they get something that interests them. Want to collect money for your Political Action Committee? Use your event system to create an item that will accept their pledge and process credit card payments. Then you have a list of donors that you can market too.

Events are a small part of how you can leverage an investment in registration technology. Here are some new ways to use your event system:

  • Use it to update lists you already have, getting members to update their own information
  • Joining a petition for a political issue.
  • Placing lunch orders for a board of directors meeting.
  • Raising funds for a charity
  • Asking for volunteers for an activity
  • Gathering opinions on an issue similar to a survey, where the questions are what they sign up for.

Unlike many other investments your organization will make, your investment in event technology can benefit the entire organization by growing your contact database and increasing your reach to your audience.