Easily Create Legislative Reports with Our New Application

May 7, 2013 by Crescerance

One task that many of our clients have to deal with is the creation of a Legislative Report. Whether it’s a weekly report designed to inform members of the goings-on at the Capitol or a monthly round-up of the bills that saw action during the session, creating and delivering these reports can take up a large chunk of time.

With the help of one of our Legislative Tracking clients we have developed an application that can generate quality legislative reports quickly and easily utilizing the information right inside the Capitol Impact Legislative Tracking System. Here’s how it works:

legislative report

  • Bills that you wish to be included in the report each week can be identified by adding them to a set of standard keywords.
  • The keyword folder titles will be used as section heading titles in the report. For example; you can place bills into a keyword titled “Priority Bills” and the system will generate a heading and display all the bills in that group under it. Each bill will automatically be hyperlinked to its corresponding bill detail page.
  • The application includes a header section where you can place a logo and enter text for your weekly report.
  • You may also edit and add text at the beginning of each section of bills.
  • The application enables you to email the report to people in your People system, or to create a Word document or a PDF version of the report that can be uploaded to other sites and sent as an attachment or a link within an email.

Creating informative reports is easy with our new Legislative Report application. And the best part is… it is available to all our existing Legislative Tracking clients at no additional cost. To learn more about our new Legislative Report application and to have it added to your Capitol Impact Legislative Tracking System click here!