Download Our New Grassroots Advocacy Whitepaper

July 31, 2012 by Crescerance

Every year thousands of bills are passed at the State and Federal level. When your university, association, state agency, or organization is threatened by legislation that could impact you are you able to stand up and voice your opinion? Do you have the necessary tools to make an impact at the capitol?

Download our latest whitepaper to learn about Grassroots Advocacy Technology and how it can help your organization improve its voice at the capitol. This short piece will show you how with a Grassroots Advocacy System you can:

  • Gather a network of motivated grassroots advocates
  • Assign advocates automatically to their legislative district
  • Ask advocates to step forward and indicate their level of commitment
  • Push information out to your audience with news stories and emails
  • Record your advocates key political relationships
  • Run grassroots campaigns and online petitions from your computer
  • Improve your voice at the capitol and make your opinions heard

Download our new Grassroots Advocacy Whitepaper