11 Reasons Your Event Registration System Should Be Integrated With Your Membership Database

November 11, 2011 by Crescerance

Today is 11/11/11, and here are 11 reasons your event registration system and your membership management system should work together:






1. Integrated systems allow members to retrieve their information from the membership database when they register for an event, eliminating the need to fill in information and making the registration process easier.

2. An integrated system will reduce or eliminate duplicate records being added to the master files when members register because they can use their existing data.

3. Your event registration system will be able to pull unique data, like license numbers or membership categories, from your membership files to display them on the event registration forms.

4. Your membership system will be able to link people to the events they have attended, allowing you to keep a history of events each member has attended.

5. If your membership system allows members to log in, they can log-in and see their outstanding balances for events as well as their payment history online.

6. When people sign up for an event, you can assign them to group lists to further segment your membership system. For example, if your registration form asks for people to identify their profession, you can create a keyword for each profession and populate a list for each designation as the people register. In the future, you will have a list of people you can sort by profession, allowing you to send targeted emails and promotions.

7. Your event registration system can have a membership application, allowing new members to enroll and automatically enter their data into your membership system.

8. An integrated system can automatically assign event attendees into a group in your membership system, allowing you to send blast emails to promote future events to targeted groups of previous event attendees.

9. You can create lists in your membership system of attendees from several events, allowing you to build member lists from similar events.

10. When an event attendee requests to substitute another member from the same organization to attend the event, the system can allow you to edit and replace the person’s record from the membership database, eliminating the need to create a new registration.

11. Finally, the most important reason is that an integrated system saves your staff time by making it easier to manage both your events and your membership database for your association or non-profit from one system.

If you’d like to learn more about how your events system and membership management system can work together, visit www.capitolimpact.com or click here to schedule a live demo!