10 Reasons More Lobbyists are Switching to Capitol Impact’s State legislative Tracking Software

February 21, 2014 by Crescerance

Here are 10 reasons why you should be using Capitol Impact’s State Legislative Tracking System:

1. We deliver a website with custom access levels which can be closed to only people you permit access or open for easier access for your audience to view the legislation you’re tracking.

2. We have three versions of our Legislative Tracking System: one for state agencies and local government, one for professional lobbying firms, and one for association lobbyists. We know how different organizations need to interact with their users and how they want to get and share feedback, and each system is designed with you in mind.

3. Our system sweeps your state legislation every 4 hours, picking up legislative updates during the day and night.

4. The Legislative Tracking System can send notifications after every sweep when bills you are tracking have changed status since the last update.

5.  We provide a tracking calendar that matches up the bills you are tracking with your state’s house and senate meeting agendas. Click a button and the most recent calendar from the state is matched up to your tracking universe and identifies which of your bills are being discussed at the different committee meeting.

6. Provide explanations of bills to your audience and enable your audience to provide you their input on each bill. Bill comments are stored with the bill and you can even control who sees which comments.

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7. The Capitol Impact State Legislative Tracking System comes with a built-in contact management system and email software. Build your database of contacts and email specific people any bill that you want their feedback on, or email groups of people lists of bills to get input from your experts.

8. Our system has a built-in dynamic legislative report generator that enables you to quickly create publishable legislative reports on the fly.

9. Capitol Impact licenses their software to the organization, not by the user or seat. Save money with one license that gives all your users access rather than separate licenses for everyone. And there’s no limit to the number of users under the Capitol Impact license.

10.  We can have your State Legislative Tracking System, with Federal legislation included, set up within 48 hours from signing an order.