Team Effort

Your TEAM is the asset that provides the most value to your organization. So you want to give them the tools that they need to do the best job that they can. Capitol Impact works with many small-staffed organizations who have single individuals charged with very specific tasks, providing a unified set of tools that can serve different functions in your organization.

We often see is an association where one person is in charge of lobbying, another is responsible for events, a third is responsible for membership and they all have their own unique sets of information and tools, resulting in duplicate information. We see professional lobbying firms with several senior people working with clients, and one administrative person who is supporting the senior staff, trying to keep lists of information accurate for each client. We see a state or local government office that is responsible in one department for managing government affairs spending a great deal of time trying to gather feedback from many other departments in the agency to formulate the correct response to public policy. The idea of a small team trying to satisfy the requirements of a larger organization will often result in duplication of effort, and excess time doing simple tasks.

The Capitol Impact suite of tools is geared to provide a single environment for use by the staff in your organization who handles information such as legislation, membership rosters, membership invoicing, registration for events, grassroots lobbying tools and email communications to people in your audience. Our secure systems enable multiple levels of user access so you can place the proper information into the hands of those who need it. Our software products can be integrated into one site, or linked into your site to solve specific problem.

Our focus is to help our clients accomplish more with online tools and we believe our environment serves that purpose well.

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