The Association Management Software (AMS) Industry is Shrinking

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In the past twelve months more than 4000 associations have been affected by software provider mergers. In the early part of this year, Affiniscape out of Austin, TX merged with YourMembership, located in Florida, which has become the managing force for this combined entity. Then recently, AVECTRA, based in McLean, VA was acquired by Abila… Read more »

What Should You Expect From a Legislative Tracking System?

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Many organizations around the country track state and federal legislation during their respective legislative session. If your organization utilizes legislative tracking software to keep up to speed on the latest legislation you probably know the basics. Legislative tracking software can help track bills and organize them into lists. Depending on the software, the legislation is… Read more »

Use Legislative Tracking Software to Grow Your Client List

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Professional lobbying firms are always trying to attract new clients. Professional firms typically have two types of clients: regular clients return each year with reoccurring legislative issues, and organizations that are affected by new legislation that are looking for experts to help them deal with the issues. Like all businesses, professional firm must also deal… Read more »

Easily Create Legislative Reports with Our New Application

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One task that many of our clients have to deal with is the creation of a Legislative Report. Whether it’s a weekly report designed to inform members of the goings-on at the Capitol or a monthly round-up of the bills that saw action during the session, creating and delivering these reports can take up a… Read more »

Three Key Questions for Deciding What Association Management Software (AMS) is Right for You

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Shopping for Association Management Software is like buying a car. There are way too many choices, the options are staggering, pricing is all over the map, and the sales people are unrelenting. If you decide to use the internet to help make a decision you may find that you still have the same issues, too… Read more »

Download our New Legislative Tracking eBook

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Our New Legislative Tracking eBook Improve Your Legislative Review Process A Look at the Job of Tracking and Monitoring Legislation Whether you are monitoring legislation for a state agency or local government or tracking bills for an association or university, your legislative tracking needs are going to be dependent on the way your organization needs… Read more »

3 Ways to Make Managing Multiple Events Easier

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While event managers would like to be able to focus on one event at a time, realistically, this is not the case. If your organization holds conferences, meetings, and offers professional development throughout the year, on any given day you are responsible for managing several events at once. Registrations and payments are flowing in from… Read more »

Making Things Easy For Your Attendees May Make Things Harder For You

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Even with good registration tools, event coordinators find that managing registrations for an event can be a large amount of work. Typically it is not the actual registration process that causes frustration, it is all the work associated with post-registration adjustments. For example, if a registrant learns that their company is not willing to pay… Read more »