The Best Way to Get Legislators to Attend Your Next Advocacy Event

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Associations, universities, non-profits or any organization that engage in advocacy often hold meetings of supporters, members, and advocates in order to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda and its impact on the organization. These types of advocacy organizations also host rallies at the capitol to make their voices heard. One way to improve the impact of… Read more »

Maximize Your Effect on Legislators When Your Organization Rallies at the State Capitol

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If you have ever been to your state Capitol during the legislative session, you know that it is a busy place. In addition to the legislators, you have the lobbyists who spend their day watching the proceedings and you have legislative staff working on various issues. But you also have constituent groups who hold rally… Read more »

Enhance Your Event Strategy: Part 3

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Learn About Your Organization to Find the Right Fit Part 1 and Part 2 of our Enhance Your Event Strategy series focused more on the backbone of an Online Registration System and how understanding the tools can improve your events. In the final part of our series, we are going to share a story from… Read more »

Three Key Questions for Deciding What Association Management Software (AMS) is Right for You

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Shopping for Association Management Software is like buying a car. There are way too many choices, the options are staggering, pricing is all over the map, and the sales people are unrelenting. If you decide to use the internet to help make a decision you may find that you still have the same issues, too… Read more »

Use Your Online Registration System to Find New Association Members

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The plight of an association’s membership manager is finding and signing up potential members. You spend your time combing through industry files, looking for prospects, and trying to attract new members any way you can. One strategy that is becoming popular is inbound marketing. The idea behind it is simple, instead of going out to… Read more »

3 Ways to Make Managing Multiple Events Easier

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While event managers would like to be able to focus on one event at a time, realistically, this is not the case. If your organization holds conferences, meetings, and offers professional development throughout the year, on any given day you are responsible for managing several events at once. Registrations and payments are flowing in from… Read more »