legislative tracking

Flexibility to fit your organization.

Government Affairs staff have the challenge of communicating the issues of a state or federal nature to the organization, senior management, or clients that they work for. They often have an audience of members, supporters or alumni depending on the mission and structure of the organization.

The type of communication varies as a lobbyist for an association needs to communicate to members, whereas a professional lobbying firm needs to have more controlled communications to clients, not mixing messages or strategies between clients. And if you are the government affairs specialist for a state or local government agency your efforts need to be managed by department so that you can see all aspects of how a bill affects your organization.


Capitol Impact’s Legislative Tracking System

One Size Does Not Fit All – Tools To Meet The Needs Of Your Organization

No two organizations are alike, especially when it comes to how they approach legislation. A State Agency that tracks legislation needs to be able to share information with internal staff and facilitate discussion on bills, while Professional Lobbyists need to share information with each of their clients privately without other clients being able to see the information. We have developed three separate versions of our Legislative Tracking Software to cater to each type of government relations staff.

Professional Tracking System

Designed for Professional Lobbyists that represent multiple clients, the Professional Version of our Legislative Tracking System enables you to:

  • Assign bills directly to clients and leave them private comments.
  • Provide clients access to the Legislative Tracking System so they can see the bills you are monitoring for them.
  • Customize bill information for individual clients, including custom tracking levels and staff notes.
  • Provide added value to your clients and improve the way you track legislation.

Agency Tracking System

Designed for Local Government and State Agency Legislative Liaisons, the Agency Version of our Legislative Tracking System enables you to:

  • Assign bills directly to people and departments.
  • Create an online communication environment to coordinate and share legislative information between departments
  • Track feedback on bills to instantly see which departments are responding and which have not.
  • Facilitate legislative discussion and improve the way you review legislation.

Association Tracking System

Designed for Associations that track legislation on behalf of members, the Association Version of our Legislative Tracking System enables you to:

  • Publish legislation online to share information with association members.
  • Enable members to leave comments on bills to get feedback from your audience.
  • Push information to members to promote your legislative agenda
  • Provide superior legislative analysis to better engage your members on the issues.

Get the right message to the right people at the right time

Our legislative tracking system offers two-way communication whereby you can publish key facts about a bill and your audience can provide you feedback on that bill

  • Our News Module makes it easy for you to publish the happenings at the capitol
  • Our integrated Email Communication Module allows you to push information on legislation to a database list of people
  • The seamless Grassroots module lets you load member, alumni, or other constituent files, organize them by legislative district and collect data on who your contacts know at the state capitol

The Capitol Impact suite of tools for Government Affairs is a completely integrated communications environment on the web for you and for your audience.