Everything you need to manage your association – all in one place.

Associations serve a variety of functions, from events and professional development to government relations and advocacy. While some tasks, like membership management, may be similar across many associations, each organization often requires a unique set of tools to meet their needs. As a result, many associations find one program for membership, another for legislation, a third for events, etc.

What sense does that make? Shouldn’t you be able to manage your entire organization from one robust, integrated system?

Capitol Impact’s Association Management System

Customized Association Management Tools to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

The People Database

The People Database is the backbone of our Association Management System. On top of all the features you would come to expect from a membership management system (contact management, blast email, customized levels of access, query and reporting tools, etc.), the People Database enables you to plug in  other modules seamlessly, creating a suite of integrated tools that utilize the same information. Choosing the tools you need to add to the Association Management System enables you to customize your system to meet your association’s needs. Do you engage in advocacy? Our Grassroots System will convert your People Database into a powerful grassroots advocacy resource. Do you manage events or have a need for online registration? Our Event Impact Online Registration System enables you to run and manage events from your Association Management System.


Event Management

Do you host large events like conferences or trade shows, or small events like meetings and webinars? Our Event Impact System can help manage your events and enable attendees to register online. Plug Event Impact into your AMS and turn your membership database into a powerful event management tool.

Legislative Tracking

Every year thousands of bills are introduced across the country at the state and federal level, and for associations that monitor legislation, keeping track of these bills can be difficult. Add Capitol Impact’s Legislative Tracking Software and organize, monitor, and share legislative information with your members.


Does your association collect member dues from individuals or organizations? By adding the Invoicing Module to your AMS you can record payments, issue statements, and link the data to individual or organization records in your database. You can even export the data to use in accounting systems like QuickBooks.

Professional Development

Does your association host professional development classes and issue credits such as PLUs or CLEs? Adding Capitol Impact’s Certification Tracking System to your AMS enables your members to log in and view their profile to see their credits and view their progress. You can set up courses, assign credits, and even have people sign up for classes.

Grassroots Advocacy

When the issues that matter to your organization are going to be effected by upcoming legislation will you be ready to make your voice heard? Improve your voice at the capitol with Grassroots Advocacy software from Capitol Impact and convert your membership database into a powerful advocacy tool. Link your members to their elected officials and track key political relationships, all in your AMS.

PAC Management

Does your association manage a Political Action Committee? Adding Capitol Impact’s PAC Management System to your AMS enables you and your staff to track political contributions and donations right from your membership database. The PAC tool even automatically creates the required state and federal electronic PAC filing reports for you to submit to your state Ethics Commission.