Legislative Tracking System Features:

Every year thousands of bills are introduced across the country at the state and federal level, and for associations, universities, professional lobbying firms, and other organizations that monitor legislation, keeping track of these bills can be difficult. With Legislative Tracking Software from Capitol Impact you can:
  • Monitor legislation that could impact your organization
  • Organize bills into categories and groups
  • Track legislation and receive updates on bills
  • Assign bills to individuals for review
  • Inform your audience by commenting and summarizing legislation
  • Review legislation by allowing your audience to comment on bills

Event Impact System

Collecting registrations and payments and creating reports for events is a hassle, especially for event managers that are in charge of multiple events each year. With Event Impact from Capitol Impact you can:
  • Create Customized Online Registration Forms
  • Register Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors
  • Collect Online Registration Payments
  • Record Registrant Information in a Database
  • Create Booth Layout Charts, Surveys, and Seating Charts
  • Manage Your Events with Reporting and Accounting Tools
  • Make Managing Your Next Event Easy

Grassroots Advocacy System Features:

When the issues that matter to your organization are going to be effected by upcoming legislation will you be ready to make your voice heard? Improve your voice at the capitol with Grassroots Advocacy software from Capitol Impact and your organization will be able to:
  • Assign advocates automatically to their legislative district
  • Ask advocates to step forward and indicate their level of commitment
  • Push information out to your audience with news stories and emails
  • Record your advocates key political relationships
  • Run grassroots campaigns and online petitions from your computer
  • Create a Powerful Network of Informed Advocates
  • Improve your voice at the capitol and make your opinions heard

Membership Management System Features:

Managing your association or organization membership is a task all to itself. Whether you are looking for a simple contact management system or a customized reporting and invoicing system, Capitol Impact’s People Database can help. With Membership Management Software from Capitol Impact you can:
  • Record Your Membership Information Online
  • Link People to Organizations
  • Create Custom Keywords, Lists, and Queries to Segment Your Database
  • Communicate Using Integrated Blast Email Tools
  • Automate Billing with Built In Invoicing Tools
  • Integrate Your Membership Database with Capitol Impact Legislation, Advocacy, and Event Products

PAC Management System Features:

Any organization that runs a Political Action Committee has to keep track of contributions and donations and submit their annual report to their state ethics committee. With Capitol Impact’s PAC Management System you can:
  • Manage individual and organizational contributors and vendors
  • Enter contribution and expense data for individuals and organizations
  • Enter loans and in-kind contributions for individuals and organizations
  • Manage multiple PACs in a single system
  • Produce summary reports of your data for review
  • Produce signature ready ethics reports that can be filed online
  • Store all your data over time in one system and have access to past reporting periods.

Additional Capitol Impact Products:

Customize your system to fit the needs of your organization. Capitol Impact’s Modular System Structure enables you to pick and choose the tools you need to optimize your system and accomplish the your goals. Some of our other modules include:
  • Invoicing
  • News
  • Surveys
  • Officials
  • Calendar
  • Certification Tracking
  • and more…