Capitol Impact has developed a new Political Action Committee Management System that enables organizations with Political Action groups to record contributions and expenses, and sort them by PAC, election year, and reporting cycle. Capitol Impact has been a registered provider of PAC information for clients in Georgia for several years, and now we are expanding our services to 16 other states where we have clients. We are currently a certified third party vendor by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Improve the Way You Manage Your Political Contributions and Expenditures with a PAC Management System from Capitol Impact

PAC System

With a PAC Management System from Capitol Impact you can:

  • Manage individual and organizational contributors and vendors
  • Enter contribution and expense data for individuals and organizations
  • Enter loans and in-kind contributions for individuals and organizations
  • Manage multiple PACs in a single system
  • Produce summary reports of your data for review
  • Produce signature ready ethics reports that can be filed online
  • Store all your data over time in one system, allowing access to past reporting periods