The Professional Version of our Legislative Tracking system is designed with Professional lobbying firms in mind. This system caters to the needs of those lobbyists that track legislation on behalf of a list of clients. In addition to the basic features of our Tracking System, the Professional version has these custom features:


Create Your Client Portfolio

Whether you track bills on behalf of 10 clients or 100 clients you can manage your client list in our legislative tracking system. Create your client portfolio in our legislative tracking system and assign people to client organizations. Clients can log into the system with a username and password and view their bills.


assign to clients

Assign Bills Directly to Clients

The Professional system allows you to assign bills directly to your clients for their review. Each bill is stored once and can be assigned to as many clients as necessary. When clients log in to view their legislation however, they cannot see that bills are assigned to other clients.



client comment

Enable Clients to Comment on Their Bills

Clients can log in and leave comments on the bills that you are tracking for them. Each client comment is stored in the bill for you so you can look at a piece of legislation and see all the comments that your clients have left on it. Clients cannot see the comments left by other organizations to help protect their privacy.



Assign Separate Tracking Levels for Each Client

Each bill can be assigned a customizable tracking level, allowing you to indicate its level of importance in the system. In the professional system, each bill can be assigned to multiple tracking levels by client, allowing one client to see their bill assigned to one tracking level while another clients sees the same bill assigned to a different tracking level.



emailEasily Create Weekly Legislative Reports

Our Professional Legislative Tracking System enables you and your staff to create bill reports and blast e-mail them to all your clients. Write a weekly report in our email editor that provides a link for your clients to log in and view their bills. The email system is linked to the legislative tracking system, so it will even dynamically hyperlink any bill numbers you type. Develop a template and create a personalized standard weekly email to make keeping your clients informed easy.


Create New Value for Your Firm’s Clients

Capitol Impact’s Professional Legislative Tracking System is not just a tool for your lobbying firm to use, it is a way for your organization to offer new value to your clients. Giving your clients an online legislation portal to participate in reviewing and monitoring bills creates engaged and informed customers. Request a demonstration of our software today and improve your legislative review process and enhance the way you communicate with your clients.