The Association Version of our Legislative Tracking system is designed to share legislative information and communicate with a large audience. Whether your audience is comprised of association members, university alumni, or grassroots advocates, the Association Tracking System can help publish valuable bill data and receive feedback from your audience. In addition to the basic features of our Tracking System, the Association version has these custom features:

Publish Legislative Data Online

associationTrack, monitor, and publish bills online for a wide audience. Visitors can find the legislation your organization is tracking and learn more about the issues that could effect their interests. You can plug our legislative tracking system directly into your website, adding value to your current site. Use our customizable organization tools to create custom lists and tracking levels to help your audience find exactly what they are looking for.

Craft Bill Analysis

analysisPost legislative analysis directly on a bill so that your audience can get a better understanding of the impact of a piece of legislation can have on your organization. You can add a short note, an in-depth analysis, and even change the name of a bill in your system. You can even create your weekly legislative update report and use our blast e-mail system to send it out to your audience with hyperlinks back to the bill pages in your system.

Enable Your Audience to Comment On Bills

commentformaAllow your audience to give you feedback by providing comments on legislation. Visitors can leave a comment by submitting their name and email address and you can collect comments on our fully customizable comment form. Each comment is stored with the bill, so you can keep track of your audience’s response to bills. Comments can be made private so that no one can see them or you can make them public to encourage dialogue on a particular bill.

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Create an Engaged Audience By Keeping Them Informed

Capitol Impact’s Association Legislative Tracking System is not just a tool for find bills to track, it is an online portal for your organization to publish valuable legislative information for your audience. Give your audience the information they need to be informed on the issues and allow them to share their feedback with you. By sharing valuable information and providing a communication portal for your members, you can better engage your audience and create a powerful group of informed advocates. Request a demonstration of our software today and learn how our system can enhance your organization’s capabilities.