Capitol Impact’s State Legislative Tracking System

No two lobbyists are alike, and you need a set of tools that caters to this reality. Professional lobbying firms track and monitor legislation differently than state agencies or associations. Shouldn’t your legislative tracking system work the way your organization needs it to?

Improve Your Legislative Review Process With LegislationTrack from Capitol Impact

Legislative Tracking
With a Legislative Tracking System from Capitol Impact you can:

  • Monitor legislation that could impact your organization
  • Organize bills into categories and groups
  • Track legislation and receive updates on bills
  • Assign bills to individuals for review
  • Inform your audience by commenting and summarizing legislation
  • Review legislation by allowing your audience to comment on bills
  • Improve your legislative review process.


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  2. Does anyone have a good and recent articles relating to Senate Bill CO : 241? Mandatory Parole Law? I have someone who is an inmate and we need the most current info. on where this bill is in Colorado.

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