Advocacy is about getting a message to legislators through your people, and for organizations with a large membership that means getting your people informed and motivated to act. Capitol Impact’s Grassroots Advocacy System gives you the tools that you need to connect your people to their elected officials and enables you to create a powerful advocacy strategy.

Create a Powerful Advocacy Strategy with Capitol Impact’s Grassroots Advocacy System

Grassroots Advocacy

With a Grassroots Advocacy System from Capitol Impact you can:

  • Gather a network of motivated grassroots advocates
  • Assign advocates automatically to their legislative district
  • Ask advocates to step forward and indicate their level of commitment
  • Push information out to your audience with news stories and emails
  • Record your advocates key political relationships
  • Run grassroots campaigns and online petitions from your computer
  • Improve your voice at the capitol and make your opinions heard

The Basic Grassroots System enables you to link your people to their legislators to deploy your efforts more strategically. Create segments of your database and create powerful targeted advocacy campaigns to get to legislators using their own constituents. Here’s what you get:

  • The People Database Upload your people to a powerful Online Contact Management System
  • Geo-coding Match your people to their legislative districts to link people to their legislators
  • Officials Database View in depth information on all of your State and Federal Legislators
  • People/Officials Cross Reference Analyze your data and understand which districts your people live in
  • List Building Generate specialized lists using geographic data to create powerful targeted emails and action alerts
  • Grassroots campaignCraft a message and have your advocates contact their legislators from their cell phones
  • Be more strategic by targeting bills in committee with our advocacy analytics