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Link Advocates to Legislators and Create New Avenues to Communicate with Officials

Gather, Inform, and Engage Your Advocates Online with Grassroots Advocacy Software

From small advocacy organizations to large institutions of Higher Education, advocacy managers across the country are improving their advocacy efforts with Capitol Impact.

Issue Action Alerts to Mobilize Your Contacts

Engage Advocates at the Grassroots Level

Convert Grassroots Advocates to Grasstops Advocates

Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy Software

Advocacy is about getting a message to legislators through your people, and for organizations with a large membership that means getting your people informed and motivated to act.

Capitol Impact’s Grassroots Advocacy System gives you the tools that you need to connect your people to their elected officials and enables you to create a powerful advocacy strategy.

Have your advocates step forward and join your online advocacy network; a mobile responsive advocacy website where you can publish key content. Once logged in, advocates can participate in action alerts, update their profile, and record key relationships and interactions with legislators.

How accurate is it?

Our advocacy system uses the entire address, not just the ZIP code, and drills all the way down to the census block level to match your advocates to their legislative district with 99% accuracy.


Convert grassroots advocates to grasstops advocates by enabling them to record key relationships with legislators. Advocates choose the type and nature of the relationship and record it in the system.

Engage Your Advocates

Get Your Message Heard


Craft a message and have your advocates send it to their legislators. Create targeted campaigns or constituent campaigns by using the geo-coded information to link people directly to their legislators. Action alerts are mobile friendly, so participation is easy.


Identify Grasstops Advocates


Recorded Relationships

Create Your Own Powerful Online Advocacy Network

Convert the warm bodies in your database into engaged advocates with your own Grassroots Advocacy Network. Reach your advocates anywhere with our Mobile Advocacy tool and convert grassroots advocates to grasstops advocates fast.



Advocates Registered

Capitol Impact Clients Have

Capitol Impact's Grassroots Advocacy system was just what we needed.

Claire B.,

Association Executive



Wow, I can't believe how easy it was to get up and running.

Working with Capitol Impact has been wonderful.

Stacey M.

Director of Marketing, Higher Education

Paul M.

Grassroots Coordinator


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Utilize your most important asset, your people. Engage your audience and improve your voice at the capitol with Grassroots Advocacy Software from Capitol Impact.

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