Improvements to the Registration Look-up Page Means Better Cross Event Reporting Capabilities

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Organizations that run multiple events each year often need to create reports that can provide information across a subset of events. Many of our clients run multiple types of events each year as well, from committee meetings to trainings and webinars, and these clients need the ability to filter their event reports by these different… Read more »

Advocacy in an Election Year – Part 2 – How Capitol Impact Advocacy Tools Can Help in an Election Year

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As you think about how your organization will interact with state legislators in 2015 you have to have a plan for how to tackle the new problems that come up in an election year. You have to set up your infrastructure to recognize the new legislators, educate new legislators on your organization, and educate your… Read more »

The Best Way to Get Legislators to Attend Your Next Advocacy Event

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Associations, universities, non-profits or any organization that engage in advocacy often hold meetings of supporters, members, and advocates in order to discuss the upcoming legislative agenda and its impact on the organization. These types of advocacy organizations also host rallies at the capitol to make their voices heard. One way to improve the impact of… Read more »

Save Time on Your Weekly Legislative Reports

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Which one of the three scenarios below describes your work process to create a weekly report on legislative activity? You are the lobbyist for an association and once a week you need to create the summary of activity at the capitol during the legislative session. The text is pretty easy to write because you have… Read more »

Overcome the Challenges of Being a Professional Lobbyist

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Of all the professions to enter, the job of a professional lobbyist can be one of the most challenging. If you look at it from purely the revenue generating side, a lobbying firm needs to find clients that want to pay to have someone represent them at the state capitol, and not all businesses need… Read more »

Major Upgrades to the 2014 State Legislative Tracking Software from Capitol Impact

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Capitol Impact continues to build on its software theme of better communication and more functionality for lobbyists that need to track legislation. With the start of the 2014 legislative session right around the corner in all states we will be releasing the following upgrades to our legislative tracking system.

Laying Out Your Advocacy Road Map – Part 1

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With the New Year quickly approaching now is the time to lay out your game plan for the upcoming legislative session. An effective advocacy program is thought out and can maximize advocate engagement by designing an advocacy strategy that delivers the right message or call to action at the right time. How should you engage… Read more »