A Guide to Strategic Advocacy Part 1: Improve Your Grassroots Advocacy Process

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In this two part series we will explore some ways that grassroots managers can improve their advocacy efforts by looking at the problem of advocacy more strategically. What should you think about as you develop your advocacy plans for an organization? What are the pitfalls to avoid and how can you design a successful strategic… Read more »

Build a Powerful Advocacy Network

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A successful grassroots campaign starts with a well-informed, enthusiastic base of supporters. So how can grassroots advocacy managers gather a group of powerful advocates that will answer their calls to action? Consider building a grassroots network of advocates.

3 Tips to Improve Your Advocacy Network Engagement

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New legislative sessions are starting all across the country and many organizations are beginning a new push to get people involved in their advocacy programs. We have found that many organizations do not have a formal process to “pull people to the forefront” from their overall support database. With no way to ask your “general… Read more »

Three Key Questions for Deciding What Association Management Software (AMS) is Right for You

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Shopping for Association Management Software is like buying a car. There are way too many choices, the options are staggering, pricing is all over the map, and the sales people are unrelenting. If you decide to use the internet to help make a decision you may find that you still have the same issues, too… Read more »

Download our New Legislative Tracking eBook

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Our New Legislative Tracking eBook Improve Your Legislative Review Process A Look at the Job of Tracking and Monitoring Legislation Whether you are monitoring legislation for a state agency or local government or tracking bills for an association or university, your legislative tracking needs are going to be dependent on the way your organization needs… Read more »

Presentation: IT Owning the Event Registration Solution

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Recently, the University System of Georgia held its 41st Annual computing conference, a gathering of the technology personnel from all of the public higher education entities in the state of Georgia. This group selects speakers and topics from amongst the universities to present  and share best practices in technology solutions that are in use today… Read more »

Download Our New E-Book!

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Online Advocacy From Start To Finish: Using Grassroots Technology to Create a Powerful Advocacy Network Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a way to improve your current grassroots network, our new E-Book has valuable information that you can use to improve your organization’s voice at the capitol. After over a decade of… Read more »

Use Inbound Marketing to Improve Your Grassroots Advocacy

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Have you ever heard the term “inbound marketing”? Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy based on making your product or business easy to find on the internet and using your website to draw people in by producing content that they value, and converting them from causal visitors to customers. Now, you may ask yourself, “What… Read more »